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New Moth Antennae

New Moth Antennae

Seven Paragorn has added a photo to the pool:

New Moth Antennae

These are a throwback to my early SL days!

One of the first items I ever put in my store was a pair of sculpty moth antennae. I was thinking of updating them to mesh for a looong time, but I ended up re-making them instead.

These are a bit more advanced than the original. They come with a HUD, and have three variations. There’s a rigged version, an animesh version, and static versions with the individual antennae separated. They are animated, except for the static version.

Note: There’s been a bit of a hick-up on my end so the sale is moved to next Sunday (August 30th).

Out at my in-world store and MP (at the regular price for now).

Find them @: Lovely Alien Marketplace Store: NEW Moth Antennae

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