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NEW ! Gelato Express

NEW ! Gelato Express

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NEW ! Gelato Express

Gelato Express!
The ice cream machine that speaks in 5 languages ​​and is completely open for friends and family to use!

Yes! I said 5 languages ​​:)
* English
* Spanish
* French
* Portuguese – Brazil
* Japanese

When you change the language, the screen changes to the selected language and the audio also changes to the language you chose! Yes, the menu is all verbalized with audio!

Gelato Express can give you 6 ice cream flavors:
* Strawberry
* Love
* Vanilla
*Snickers (chocolate with nuts)
* Galaxy (caramelized mint with love)
* Rainbow (tuti-frute)

Decorative (essential) items belong to EVERYONE in this package, and are FUNCTIONAL!

* When you get the ice cream, you can click on the items on the counter, such as Whipped Cream, Condensed Milk or Sprinkles, everything goes into your ice cream!!!


Turn on your Gelato Express, select the desired flavor (at this point the cone will appear), pull the lever to place the ice cream inside the cone, click on the ice cream to take it to your inventory!

Ice cream in your hands:

When you put the ice cream in his hands, he will be in a HOLDING pose.

Click on the ice cream to open a Menu and select the Animation you want to use (choose the genre)

Adjust the ice cream in your hands, if necessary, to the desired size.

————————————————– —>>

Enjoy your ice cream, invite your friends and family to try it with you!

Gelato Express – dby
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