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*NeverWish* Eggcellent Stack Shoes

*NeverWish* Eggcellent  Stack Shoes

NeverWish has added a photo to the pool:

*NeverWish* Eggcellent  Stack Shoes

Out now for Eggstravaganza!

★Comes with HUD to change ribbon, laces, egg, metal ring and top part of shoe
★Rigged for Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra, Slink and Unrigged
★Materials Enabled

★We are back with a new event★
★If you have enjoyed Hocus Pocus or XoXo in the past this is a sister event of the two. The concept is the same and the hunting is just as fun!★

★If this is your first time with one of our events please grab a hud an get to hoppin around to each store and saying ‘eggstravaganza!’ and you will have a chance to win one prize per day! You can also buy the item for 50L ! ★

Teleport to NeverWish

Teleport to TriEvents HQ

Grab the Hud from the Marketplace

Check out the Catalog

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