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Neuromancer Bindi

Neuromancer Bindi

Nama Gearz [ Static ] has added a photo to the pool:

Neuromancer Bindi

@ TOKYO ZERO ~ October 10 – 25

Neuromancers, those that augment the minds of others from the shadows, can be identified by the neural vent required to send and receive thought so naturally that the victim scarcely can tell they’re not thinking their own thoughts.

These unrigged spinning neural vents are fully color customizable via HUD with 8 color planes to adjust and also the sparks and smoke. 4 bindi styles are included and can be swapped via HUD as well.

The design of this item allows for custom designs to be created and used on the spinny part. Though this is for advanced users mainly as it requires knowledge of alpha masking to make it work properly!

See it smoke and spark!

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