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-Narcisse- Fly Buy Fridays – Cameron Cami

-Narcisse- Fly Buy Fridays - Cameron Cami

Narcisse Store SL has added a photo to the pool:

-Narcisse- Fly Buy Fridays - Cameron Cami

It’s a triple whammy this weekend!!

To kick things off, for Fifty Linden Fridays you can grab an exclusive tropical summer Sunglass set of the Cameron Cami & Charlotte Booty shorts for just 50L!

If you want to up the Tropical vibes, Fly Buy Fridays & The Saturday Sale will take you there with a few more options all exclusively priced and just for this weekend only!!

Both items are:
– Rigged for Maitreya + Petite
– Rigged for Legacy
– Copy/No Mod/No Trans
– Can be gifted to Loved ones
– Will earn you credits if you have your Narcisse Store Group Tag active.

Come get some of that Tropical Summer fun!

Enjoy, Beauty

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