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namo. isa earrings @ Shiny Shabby

namo. isa earrings @ Shiny Shabby

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namo. isa earrings @ Shiny Shabby

♡ ISA EARRINGS @ Shiny Shabby

Hey everyone! I’ve created some new earrings for this round of Shiny Shabby :3

Super excited about these babies q(^-^q) they are simple yet super chic and bring out the rich auntie vibes many of us internalize (me all the time lol).

There are 70+ colours included along with complete customization so you’re able to mix and match and create a palette that suits you best! And for the duration of the event I have decided to knock 33% off of the original price, so make sure you stop by and pick them up : D

Shiny Shabby Event: Opens July 20

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