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Mythspire Veiled Mushroom Set – Golden!

Mythspire Veiled Mushroom Set - Golden!

Elicio Ember has added a photo to the pool:

Mythspire Veiled Mushroom Set - Golden!

Have you been to Mythspire Ridge at Fantasy Faire yet? Everyone we’ve talked to all agree, Elicio has out done himself! He created an amazing beautiful world for us to explore!

Make sure you have enough time set aside when you go to visit Mythspire Ridge – and make sure you use the Region Settings/Shared Environment and wait for nightfall. Mythspire is a stunning build with beautiful architecture and gorgeous landscaping. But, at night, the magic happens. I’m not going to say what it is, you really need to see the jaw dropping sight for yourselves. Grab the LM below and check it out!

While you are there, make sure to stop by the store on the region where we will have releases all through out the Faire.

Right now you can pick up the special Mythspire Veiled Mushrooms. These Veiled Mushrooms are available in the special exclusive Gold colour created specifically for Mythspire Ridge. The pack comes with 3 shape variants in 3 scale variants ranging in size from 3LI to 12LI. The Gills and Veil both glow beautifully. They come with separate mesh segments to make any modifications you want easy to do. This colour will now be included in the Fatpack along with an exclusive Titanic size that you see on Mythspire! If you already own the Veiled Mushroom fatpack – just request a redelivery at our mainstore (… ) and you will receive the Mythspire special version!

Take the taxi below and come visit us! We can’t wait to see you! ♥

Mythspire Ridge at Fantasy Faire:

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