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MUZA Spadow Sandals

MUZA Spadow Sandals

muzawaco has added a photo to the pool:

MUZA Spadow Sandals

💲🌻 for only 50 L$ 💲🌻
in Weekly Limited

Spadow Sandals
FATPACK HUD of 200 textures/patterns
Lots of customise options:
+ customize shining, materials etc
+ color-tinting option: RGB 0-255 which makes over 16.7 million colors
+ reflex
+ transparency 0 – 100%
+ customize the parts separately

❤️ eBODY Reborn,
❤️ Maitreya,
❤️ Maitreya LaraX,
❤️ Kalhene Erika,
❤️ Belleza GenX Curvy,
❤️ Belleza GenX Classic,
❤️ Inithium Kupra,
❤️ Inithium Khara

After Event will be on on Marketplace

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