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-MUSU- GIveaway! Hump Bag Whale!

-MUSU- GIveaway! Hump Bag Whale!

MistahMoose has added a photo to the pool:

-MUSU- GIveaway! Hump Bag Whale!

Just enough time to still participate!

13 Colors – Both Left & Right Holds. Materials enabled.

30% Of the sales are going to the Oceana Conservatory group. Releases tomorrow @ Anthem! :

As always, Like, Share and Comment for a chance to win the Fatpack ♥

Why did I choose Oceana? Well they’re a reputable group who has done a lot in recent years to protect our oceans. Their transparency is most likely the best out of many organizations.…

The worlds oceans are something I care about, and have an immensely deep respect for. The visits to the ocean my whole life have always been sad. I lived in Texas for most of it, and even visiting the reserve you would find a lot of trash, dead fish, pollution, and people being as silly as to drive on the beach.. There’s immense damage being done. Unfortunately this is one of the few things I can do to help.

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