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{moss&mink} VIP Gift + Bonus Credit!

{moss&mink} VIP Gift + Bonus Credit!

Cielo {moss&mink} has added a photo to the pool:

{moss&mink} VIP Gift + Bonus Credit!

The Mainstore has been reopened!

As promised, we have some exciting news for our lovely VIP members! First up, we have the introduction of VIP Bonus Credit. You might recall seeing 50L gift cards on the VIP Monthly Choice boards in the past. Going forward these will no longer be an option, instead all VIP members are able to click the VIP Bonus Credit Terminal for a 50L bonus each month. Which means you will still be able to grab another gift from the Monthly Choice wall too!

Additionally,in lieu of an all new set of Monthly Choice Gifts – this round our members are able to choose another gift from the current selection on the Monthly Choice Gift wall (if you haven’t already). Please note: The board is now in a new (easier to find) location at the landing point ♡

Finally, we have a BRAND NEW item available just for VIP Members! The Modern Heart Shelving unit is just 1 Land Impact and is Uni-HUD compatible, offering 4 Metal, and 4 Wood options to suit. Check it out in the image above ♡

Be sure to stop by the Mainstore and grab all your shiny new perks! Hurrah for extra gifts!

<3 Cielo

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