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{moss&mink} for Satan Inc.

{moss&mink} for Satan Inc.

Cielo {moss&mink} has added a photo to the pool:

{moss&mink} for Satan Inc.

We’re baaaack with a few new releases for you at Satan Inc.!
You’ll find everything you need for your upcoming Halloween celebrations, have a look at the additional details below then stop by to see it all inworld.

●●●Release Details – Satan Inc.●●●

Haunted House Pack
❣ Haunted House A – 3Li
❣ Haunted House B – 2Li
↳ Click for Light on/off.

Lumine Candle Pack
❣ Lumine Moon Phase Candles – 2Li
❣ Lumine Pumpkin Candles – 2Li
↳ Click for Flame on/off.

Halloween Treats Pack
❣ Bloody Knife Cake – 1Li
❣ Evil Queen Candy Apples – 1Li
❣ Wine Cauldron – 3Li

Spider Confetti Pack
❣ Glitter & Spiders – Orange – 2Li
❣ Glitter & Spiders – Purple – 2Li

Spooky Mist Pack
❣ Spooky Mist Swirl (Low LI) – 1Li
❣ Spooky Mist Swirl (High LOD) – 3Li

Hocus Pocus Wall Sign – 1Li

Venti Bar Cart – 5Li

❣ Custom Materials Enabled.
❣ Copy/Mod.


Additional items shown: Mari Dresser Buffet (available at the mainstore), and the Spider Balloons (Available in the Trick Mystery Boxes at Satan Inc.)

I can’t wait to see how you all use these items for the spooky season! Don’t forget to add your images to our group.
♥ Cielo


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