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{moss&mink} for Deco(c)rate

{moss&mink} for Deco(c)rate

Cielo {moss&mink} has added a photo to the pool:

{moss&mink} for Deco(c)rate

Deco(c)rate is officially delivering! For the Halloween Edition I wanted to make something a little spoopy for you! Read more details about what you get below ♡


Coffin Daybed
❣ 10 Land Impact
❣ Includes 2 versions: Black & White
❣ Animations:
↳ PG: 17 Single, 33 Couples.
↳ Adult: 17 Single, 33 Couples, 43 Adult.
❣ Copy/Mod. Custom Materials Enabled.


If you haven’t received the updated pack with both PG & Adult versions be sure to have your Coffin Daybed redelivered via your crate.

If you haven’t already you still have time to grab your box at full price. Just visit the moss&mink mainstore and pay the Deco(c)rate kiosk at the landing point.

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