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Mishi Hair At The Fifty

Mishi Hair At The Fifty

Serena Bunny has added a photo to the pool:

Mishi Hair At The Fifty

Hii All!! im so excited to show you this one… ive been working with Rebeca Dembo for this new release at The Fifty, tysm for the invite and for trusting me ;-; ♥

Please go to rebeca’s post to see the whole set she did, an amazing one! also a cat with little balls XD

for this hair Beca did this cute hair with fluffy ears and paws ♥♥♥
the hair is rigged, with 2 sizes and i also added a Split button for this one so u can mix 2 colors !! ♥ (thanks to Archis ♥ )

The Fifty is Open !!

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