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Micah Swim Trunks // TMD

Micah Swim Trunks // TMD

// TORI TORRICELLI // has added a photo to the pool:

Micah Swim Trunks // TMD

Fed up with the winter blues and yearning for the sun?

It is now official; It will be a HOT & loooooong summer!

Gear up for summer fun with TORI TORRICELLI’s brand new Micah Swim Trunks at TMD. Choose from a sea of colours & shades like ocean blues, shark grays, sunny saffron yellow, and basic black. Want to add a tropical punch? Go graphic with palm prints and florals or discover playful cartoons and sailing icons. Whether you’re at the beach or kicking it poolside or yacht-lolling, Micah will deliver both style and comfort all season long.

The Micah Swim Trunks can be customized by purchasing the fatpack and can do mix & match options on the trunks, side panels and accents which allows you to create a unique look for pool parties, the beach or just for the hot tub!

Information on Micah:
✦ Fits: Legacy, Belleza’s Jake, and Signature’s Gianni.
✦ Fatpack comes with 15 solid colours, 10 graphic/print, 15 side panel options and 15 accent colours all via a HUD.
✦ There is 10 single packs available for purchase. 8 solid colours and 2 graphic/print. No HUD is included.

Please try a demo before purchasing.

Grab yours at TMD now.

TMD officially opens on 5th, noon SLT. Camshop is always there !

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