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MESSER rave up EVERYTHING all at once

MESSER rave up EVERYTHING all at once

En Nova has added a photo to the pool:

MESSER rave up EVERYTHING all at once

For the Electro Rage theme of Abnormality I’ve made some really fun cosmetics for the August Espen head. You can buy the set or grab things separately. What’s in the set, you ask? You get:
3 eyebrow options – yellow/blue shooting star, separate tintable star and trail, tintable regular eyebrows.
8 shiny BOM eyes
16 smoky eye-catching eyeshadows in almost every colour of the rainbow… also including a rainbow colour
Graphic freckles with 3 different undertones (orange, peach and pink) all with scattered stars, sparkles, aliens, swirls and emojis

Links to the event will be posted once it’s open!

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