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mary+poxic+glace for kupra

mary+poxic+glace for kupra

FAKEICON has added a photo to the pool:

mary+poxic+glace for kupra

This has been long requested and finally i just got the kit and the time to work on these.
PSA: It’s not an update, I decided to sell these separately by size, just like i sold the hand gems this way before. The gemsuit and the collar are also sold as a fatpack now, for a price less than 2 single packs of the previously bulked sizes.
No single colors or redelivery of previous packs are available for this body size, not even on request.
Sorry if this concerns you but these items are extremely frustrating to go back to and rig again so i had to make the decision of not making it a free update or not making it at all.
Hope it’s understandable and that you will enjoy wearing them! Demo is also available to try.


Ps: Due to their nature and difficulty, these particular items will be updated this way only for future popular bodies on the market.

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