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@Mainstore – {Soleil et Lune} Changeling Eyes

@Mainstore - {Soleil et Lune} Changeling Eyes

{Soleil et Lune} has added a photo to the pool:

@Mainstore - {Soleil et Lune} Changeling Eyes

Some basic mesh eyes for personal use only! White texture only, use ‘Edit’ > ‘Select Face’ to modify it! Color, Transparency, Glow, etc…
This is the basic model I use for any eyes I make in the future, except they will be textured differently (as in a specific iris texture) and a texture HUD will be included.
NOTE: Demonstration only in World!

Go here to see it (take the teleporter up the stairs to main products and for the demonstration.)


Unrigged Mesh Eyes
– Basic white texture + normals + specular, perfect for customizing
– Materials Enabled
– Change texture settings for glow, color, and transparency
– Instructions on customizing included

Four Faces to Customize
– Cornea
– Iris
– Pupil
– Sclera

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