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Magnetic @ Trick or Treat Lane

Magnetic @ Trick or Treat Lane

-Magnetic- has added a photo to the pool:

Magnetic @ Trick or Treat Lane

2 New Releases + Free Gift! 1 new item into the Burning/Burnt Collection, although not decor it’s for your avatar!

NEW! Depth’s of Hell – Unisex | Wearable. Sound FX | Particles. Go invisible and turn into a fiery burning cloud while you walk/run. Reappear when you stop. Included Low Level Camera. See it action:

NEW! Haunted Chandelier – Menu Controlled Swinging Options. Adjustable Chain, Base/no base. 3 Colors – Black, Rusted, & Ghost. Copy/Mod 6 – 9 LI. See it in action:

FREE GIFT! Painted Pumpkins – 3 Designs. Copy/Mod 2 LI

TP to Magnetic’s Booth:

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