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MadPea’s Wickedly Wacky Week!

MadPea's Wickedly Wacky Week!

MadPea Productions has added a photo to the pool:

MadPea's Wickedly Wacky Week!

Excitement is roaring through the Crew as we open a Wickedly Wacky Week -starting June 22nd at 12pm SLT- at the MadPea main store with the Brand New Face of the Pea!

From the sleek design of the new main store, the Mega Sale of 50% off everything -Intelligence and Deco(c)rate are not part of the sale- the MadPea Agents of Mystery Adventure Hunt, the special sim quest: Reflections of the Past, a brand new Premium Group Gift and Group Gift!

LM to MadPea Main Store:

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