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MadPea – MadPea Animesh Plush 002

MadPea - MadPea Animesh Plush 002

MadPea Productions has added a photo to the pool:

MadPea - MadPea Animesh Plush 002

🚀 Introducing MadPea’s Second Collectible Animesh Pea Character – MadPea! 🚀

😠 Meet the iconic Pea with a short fuse 💣 and a heart of gold. 💛 Ready to conquer the world!

Get ready to welcome MadPea, our latest animesh creation that’s about to become your new favorite! This fiery 🔥 yet lovable character is bursting with personality and adventure.

🌟 Bundle Alert! 🌟
For this special release, MadPea comes bundled with the Bandit Bash game, just in time for the Shotgun Event!

🐎Get yours today!

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