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MadPea – Cosmic Conquest: Alien Secrets

MadPea - Cosmic Conquest: Alien Secrets

MadPea Productions has added a photo to the pool:

MadPea - Cosmic Conquest: Alien Secrets

🚀 Cosmic Conquest: Alien Secrets a grid-wide hunt blasts off tomorrow! 🌌

🔥 Gear up for an epic adventure across the grid! Store and land owners, transform your location into a bustling hub for hundreds of eager hunters! Joining is a breeze: simply purchase a hunt token or bundle, rez it, and let adventurers roam your Second Life land, uncovering the secrets it holds. 🔍

🌌ANYONE can join the hunt for undiscovered DNA, earn achievement points towards the 2024 Player Pass, collect prizes, and unlock secrets with your alien companion. 👽

MadPea Unlimited group members get exclusive extra quests on distant planets! 🌠 Discover what secrets and answers you can uncover with the Helix Syndicate. Explore Cyborian V and surrounding planets!

Secure your DNA Hunt Tokens now and be part of the action: Join the fun!
Learn more here: Cosmic Conquest Alien Secrets!

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