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MadPea Animal Bicycles @Belle Event!

MadPea Animal Bicycles @Belle Event!

MadPea Productions has added a photo to the pool:

MadPea Animal Bicycles @Belle Event!

Celebrate the return of Summer, warmth and fun with MadPea by zipping over to the Belle event -starting 12pm SLT- for the MadPea Animal Bicycles!

Uniquely adorable with their sleek design and vibrant coloring, the MadPea Animal Bicycles are the perfect ride for exploring, adventuring and even just cruising the SL-Verse! Race your way across hills and down streets, putter the day away in a leisurely ride along the shop fronts, or splash a path along your favorite beach, enjoying the summer sun!

LM to the Belle Event and the Start of Summer Fun:

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