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LUX AETERNA "The Grand Manor" @ C88

LUX AETERNA "The Grand Manor" @ C88

helel ( lux aeterna / sempiternal ) has added a photo to the pool:

LUX AETERNA "The Grand Manor" @ C88

We cordially invite you, dear friends and colleagues, to the annual gathering at the Conundrum Grand Manor. The time of year has now dawned upon us again, let us exult in the achievements of the Order.


Please arrive in the appropriate attire; that is, dark formal.


Oh my, it’s finally here, after a whole year of putting it off, we’ve finally managed to release this bad boy after a large overhaul of its design. The Grand Manor, something initially planned for release in winter last year, can now be found at Collabor88’s October round for Dark Fairytale, a theme we find absolutely fitting for this release.

Doing things a little differently this time, I have managed to include darker and lighter textured versions. We quite like how these textures turned out and we hope you enjoy it too; featuring a neutral-toned bake and no harsh shadows or lighting, quite different from all our other previous builds, which we felt was better suited for the nature and size of this build.

The build is a considerably large square-shaped skybox with measurements of approximately 30x30m, its Land Impact is 222LI, and it is modify and copy as is the case with all our builds. Materials are enabled and projector lamps are utilized. There is a demonstration available for viewing at the event location itself.

As always, we hope you enjoy.

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