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LUX AETERNA "The Book Keeper" @ Midnight Order

LUX AETERNA "The Book Keeper" @ Midnight Order

helel ( lux aeterna / sempiternal ) has added a photo to the pool:

LUX AETERNA "The Book Keeper" @ Midnight Order


Although I’d been hilariously late after a few days of logistical interruptions intefering within the Kingdom, I’m glad to say that The Book Keeper can finally be found at Midnight Order.

This pinafore dress comes fitted for Legacy, Perky, and Maitreya bodies. A variety of 13 colors can be purchased, as well as everything included in a full pack.

All single packs include a shirt HUD with five basic options for the shirt and buttons (that’s black, grey, blue, green, red, beige, and white). You are also able to toggle the visibility of the shoulder lace.

The full pack includes a total of twenty shirt options and various button colors to match, as well as all lace and dress colors to choose from.

Please exercise smart shopping and try a demo before purchasing. Demos are available at the event venue and at the front of our shop location as well.

Also, please be sure to check out Mikhaelis’ new brand’s release at the same event, he has made glorious Roman armor for men, which you can see pictured here.

As always, we hope you enjoy.

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