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LUX AETERNA "Lingua Priorum" @ Tomb Of Ancients

LUX AETERNA "Lingua Priorum" @ Tomb Of Ancients

helel ( lux aeterna / sempiternal ) has added a photo to the pool:

LUX AETERNA "Lingua Priorum" @ Tomb Of Ancients

Good is in the hands. Evil is also in the hands.
– Sumerian proverb


A fun fact, these items are actually replicas of real ancient artifacts, the Akkadian one in particular is part of the Gilgamesh epic, this precise tablet tells a Mesopotamian tale of a great flood that wiped out the Earth, save one survivor, chosen by the Gods. The man that was chosen by the Gods would receive instructions to build a boat and bring with him his family and animals of all kinds. Rain would then descend for six days, and on the last day the boat finds itself on solid ground. Two birds are released but come back soon after having found not one patch of dry land, though a third bird, a raven, is released and it does not return. It is fascinating to note that this tablet is dated to around 911-612 BC, and there are many tablets that even hold an age as old as 5,000 years old!

Lingua Priorum includes two tablets, one in Sumerian cuneiform, and the other in Akkadian cuneiform. We’ve also included display versions of each, both are 2LI. You can hold either tablet in one or both hands, each having a custom high priority bento animation. The one handed versions are compatible with each other and you may even use them together. The Sumerian tablet has a floating function, you can toggle this on and off by simply touching the tablet. The glowing cuneiform pulses with light.

The texture HUD that is included works for all tablets, even the display versions. There are four stone colors, and options to toggle the glowing text and the fusion effect on the Sumerian tablet. This is fully customizable, you can tint the text and the animated fusion to any color you’d like.

Here’s a preview of all the holding animations, glowing pulse, and floating function.

As always, we hope you enjoy.

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