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LUX AETERNA "Chaos Equitis" @ We <3 Roleplay

LUX AETERNA "Chaos Equitis" @ We <3 Roleplay

helel ( anxiety & sempiternal ) has added a photo to the pool:

LUX AETERNA "Chaos Equitis" @ We <3 Roleplay

"Near a twelvemonth passed, the second of His pilgrimage through Chaos proved to be triumphant with the arrival of His Cavalry in the early morn.

In due celebration, the Realm has seen the approach of many a lost soul, undoubtedly shepherded through Chaos unto Acheron by the ghastly galloping of His Cavalry."


I won’t lie to you, Hell is vast, and Acheron much more so, you’d be better off taking up travels on a steed.

Chaos Equitis brings you flags and lances, you’ll never be misrepresented out in the field ever again.

Available in three packs as displayed in the graphic above, each pack contains a customization HUD with lots of options for your heraldic needs. All flags have a separate face for its coat of arms, which means you are completely able to personalize it with your own image (I’ve provided 6 of these in the HUD to get you started).

Everything includes a left and right hand holding animation, in addition to that, I’ve made two variations of these animations that have been adjusted for avatars that are standing or sitting (on a horse, of course).

You may purchase these packs separately or together in a FATPACK. They are discounted by 25% for the duration of the event. A visual demonstration is available at the event booth.

We also have a 10L gift set out at the booth, the Illuminare Halo, you’ll have to wear the We <3 Roleplay Update Group tag to snatch it.

Lastly, you might have noticed something slightly different with this post. Long story short, we have decided to change our name to LUX AETERNA. More information on this will come soon along with a new group gift. Stay tuned!

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