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"Lupus Femina" Ice Queen skin & shape Blue

"Lupus Femina" Ice Queen skin & shape Blue

Lucy Diavolo has added a photo to the pool:

"Lupus Femina" Ice Queen skin & shape Blue

News from Lupus Femina
Fantasy skin first one 🙂
The skin is made as Baked on mesh only
Ice queen in 7 colours + 3 shapes
1. Genus Strange face W002
2. Catwa. Catya
3. Lelutka EVO Ryn
worn on Perky Mesh Body but can also be used on others
the shape Mod and Copy …..

ANy questions or Issues please contact me in IM or Note card
and please stat on note card what the issue is thank you
My name is Babygirl Diavolo
I am in Europe so please if I do not answer straight away I will as soon as I see it 🙂
Thank you for shopping at Lupus Femina and enjoy your sl

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