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Lunar Phase Windows

Lunar Phase Windows

Nama Gearz [ Static ] has added a photo to the pool:

Lunar Phase Windows

@ Wizarding Faire ~ March 21 – April 3

The gentle, mystical illumination of moonbeams help us to ruminate on our inner feelings, our desires, our shadow self. Staring into these windows is much like staring into your own mind.

There are 8 stained glass windows in all, each showing a different phase of the moon. The windows are 7 meters tall and come with a small wall piece to go over the arch for fitting into existing buildings. Though they can easily just be placed on walls.

Moonbeams are also included with ornate and simple light projections on the ground, and one set of moonbeams with no projection.

Land impact:
Each Window – 2 LI
Each Moonbeam – 2 LI
Wall Piece – 1 LI

Mod / Copy / No Trans

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