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Love [Shoe Queen] Gacha @ The Arcade // GIVEAWAY

Love [Shoe Queen] Gacha @ The Arcade // GIVEAWAY

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Love [Shoe Queen] Gacha @ The Arcade // GIVEAWAY

Hey babes!

Want some FREE shoes?! Like, comment, and share the FACEBOOK post for a chance to win:…

The Shoe Queen shoes fit to Maitreya, Legacy, and Kupra bodies!

75L per play!

Shoe Queen Key:
#1 Baddie Platform Boots – Black
#2 Sweetheart Plat Wedges – Black
#3 Baddie Platform Boots – White
#4 Sweetheart Plat Wedges – White
#5 Baddie Platform Boots – Purple
#6 Sweetheart Plat Wedges – Purple
#7 Baddie Platform Boots – Baby Pink
#8 Sweetheart Plat Wedges – Baby Pink
#9 Baddie Platform Boots – Hot Pink
#10 Sweetheart Plat Wedges – Hot Pink

RARE #11 Laced Platform Pumps Fatpack

Stop by our booth and try on a demo!

Xo ?

Love & Blizz

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