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LORE Royal Shower

LORE Royal Shower

Lala L'amour [LORE] has added a photo to the pool:

LORE Royal Shower

New for We <3 Roleplay, opening July 4th!

Fit for a king or queen, the new Royal Shower is a lovely addition to a manicured courtyard or palace grounds! It contains carefully selected, high quality animations to elevate your roleplay experience.


▶ The shower is 10 LI with a bonus 1 LI sundries decor for the shower alcove.

▶HUD with 8 tile colors for a white stone base and 8 colors for black stone.

▶Water with sound automatically starts on sit, but you can turn it on/off on the menu.

▶Sponge prop automatically attaches with AVsitter experience enabled on land.

▶Automatic seat assignment by av gender (based off the male/female base shapes available in the system).

It comes packed with animations in PG or Adult!

PG Version
▶12 single washes
▶8 couple washes
▶24 couple cuddles

Adult Version
▶All PG animations
▶14 solo play
▶41 foreplay/oral/adult
▶INM clean up integration for both sitters

Copy/Mod/Original mesh

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