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LORE Forgotten Bus Stop

LORE Forgotten Bus Stop

Lala L'amour [LORE] has added a photo to the pool:

LORE Forgotten Bus Stop

New for Wasteland, opening June 30th!

A unique and worn but elegant bus stop for your urban, rural, and post-apoc builds! The slim profile allows it to easily fit in city builds, but it also looks great in a deserted wasteland!

The shelter itself is 6 LI and is separate from the benches so you can use your own if you like. Each bench is 2 LI.

Available in PG or Adult. The PG bench sits two singles (both seats have option for female or unisex/male sits) and has cuddles. The Adult benches contain the PG options as well as adult animations and INM cleanup.

A bench without animations is also included if you prefer to use it just as unscripted decor.

Copy/Mod/Original mesh.

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