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LM – Smart Icons

LM - Smart Icons

LunaMare Designs has added a photo to the pool:

LM - Smart Icons

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Smart Icon is a neat little board with 22 built-in icons, ready to interact with your visitor when touched, each icon has its own function, whether to open a web page, link a social network, join a group, receive a landmark, receive a notecard, open a profile page, or even open a conversation.

Main features:

✔ 11 models (Screens and wall frames).
✔ 22 built-in icons, (25 slots total). (See list below)
✔ 15 built-in icon artwork.
✔ Mesh words "Connect" and "About Us" included.
✔ DIY Kit included (Add your own icons or style)
✔ Option to notify owner when touched by a guest. (Disabled by default)
✔ Brightness setting on menu.
✔ Easy setup, menu on touch with all options.
✔ Icons mapped to specific functions.
✔ 1 to 2 LI per model.
✔ Instructions included.

Icons included

The default touch action for an icon is to open a web page/address, except where noted:

✔ Facebook
✔ Twitter
✔ Linkedin
✔ Snapchat
✔ Vimeo
✔ Pinterest
✔ WordPress
✔ Behance
✔ Skype
✔ Dropbox
✔ Flickr
✔ Instagram
✔ YouTube
✔ Any Website
✔ Second Life
✔ Marketplace
✔ Directions
✔ IM (open a conversation window with owner)
✔ Group ( join group invitation )
✔ Location ( landmark handout )
✔ Profile ( open owner profile page)
✔ Information ( notecard handout)


Copy and Modify.
All scripts are no mod.
DIY Kit included.

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