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Liza's Accessories

Liza's Accessories

Salt Peppermint has added a photo to the pool:

Liza's Accessories

Liza – The Tap Dancer is now out at Uber

these are all part of the sets

shoes are on kitten heel height and have an optional walking sound (walk only, not on animations as the actual center of the avatar does not move on animations)

Patent & Leather packs available

for Maitreya / Legacy / Ebody Reborn + an unrigged version included

hat is unrriged and resisable, cane include a version with bento hold pose and one without. full colour range is included in this pack

tights, tailcoat and leotard are separately available, the full outfit you can see here

and the amazing video from Vrutega here

Uber main
Uber cam 1
Uber cam 2

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