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Lilithe'// Loviatar Tattoos @ Warehouse Sale

Lilithe'// Loviatar Tattoos @ Warehouse Sale

Lilithe' has added a photo to the pool:

Lilithe'// Loviatar Tattoos @ Warehouse Sale

. Lilithe’// Loviatar Tattoos .

. Available @ The Warehouse Sale .
. Opens 23rd November .

. BoM ONLY .

. UNISEX: Fitted for Genus, LeLUTKA, EVO X + Most Bodies [Mainly, Legacy, Jake, + eBODY Reborn] .
. EVO X [HUD FLIP]: I have added a new alternative head option for those who have heads like Zora, where the HUD is flipped. This option will give a cleaner line under the chin .

. Intricate Abstract Neck Tattoos .
. 4 Chin + 4 Chest Variations .

. Fresh, Faded, Worn and Faint Versions Included .

. Try the demo before purchase .
. BoM is modifiable for tinting .

. Seams will not be perfect on all bodies .
. All tattoos are recommended to be worn with a body shine on top for the best result .

. Tattoos may look different on different body types .

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