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lepidus tentationis – Unholy Blog

lepidus tentationis - Unholy Blog

Ash De´Lancoure has added a photo to the pool:

lepidus tentationis - Unholy Blog

Hey hey,

today I want to show you an awesome set creation by Unholy! So, sit back and enjoy 🙂

Ride to my Blog

Ride to UnholyxVellum mainstore

The Naamah Succubus set is coming in 2 Parts

first The Wings, Horns and the tail (tail is somhow hidden behind me and i noticed it to late, sorry xD) you get an animation HuD for tail and WIngs (done by talented hands of Shard) and a massive texture HuD for all parts!

The Bodysuite is sold sepperated and comes in sizes for Reborn and Legacy, a Legacy PinUp version is aviable too! You get also a HuD with fitting textures for all parts with it!

Get this whole pack of awesomeness at the Unholy Mainstore!

That´s all for now, thank you <3

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