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{Le'La} Hedda Set >70% off promo<

{Le'La} Hedda Set >70% off promo<

Miamilu – Le'La Store has added a photo to the pool:

{Le'La} Hedda Set >70% off promo<

{Le’La} Hedda Set >70% off promo<

Demo available InWorld store

35 Colors Outfit Leather
Top | Skirt

Multiple Colors Combination via HUD

FitMesh for mesh avatars

sizes Outfit

☻ 3 Fitted Mesh for Maitreya/Petite/Flat
☻ 2 Fitted Mesh for Legacy/Perky
☻ 1 Fitted Mesh for Belleza Freya
☻ 1 Fitted Mesh for Slink Hourglass
☻ 1 Fitted Mesh for Kupra (BOL)
☻ 1 Fitted Mesh for Ebody Reborn
☻ 1 Fitted Mesh for Kalhene Erika

Main store:….

Market place:…

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