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Le salon de lecture by [Humburg]

Le salon de lecture by [Humburg]

Austrian Eagle has added a photo to the pool:

Le salon de lecture by [Humburg]

Humburg Interiors is specialized in designing roccoco style skyboxes. We offer you the best in decoration with our premium premade skyboxes. Contact me if you are interested

How I work :
I create my prefab on a private plot of land while the decor is being built. Once finished the skybox is placed by me (modifications and additions can be added later according to the client’s wishes)

The skybox is 250 prims long and does not exceed the width of 10×10 and costs 5000 Lidens. I take orders for other skyboxes according to the taste of each customer.
This skybox is made of different elements from different designers like C&G, Bélvédère, Ordem da Rosa or Maison Patrucci.
? We are in partnership with Victoire Interiors specialized in Vaporwave design and decoration inspired by the 80’s and 90’s but also other styles like retro-Cyberpunk. VI will turn your land, skybox or house into a unique and stylish kitsch place. VI also provides the best decorated land on the mainland ready to live in. If you are interested in VI services, please contact Victoire Sire

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