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.:Le Moon:. Advent Calendar 2022

.:Le Moon:. Advent Calendar 2022

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.:Le Moon:. Advent Calendar 2022

Hiii everyone 💖

Thank you so much for supporting Le Moon through everything this year. I am very grateful for all your loyalty and support to the store that I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ✨ My sincere gratitude goes out to all of you and your family this Season💖

For our VIP Group I prepared an Advent Calendar having 1 gift per day!

Includes 24 outfits and extra gifts on the side, meaning that depends on the day you will get an extra gift think of it as a bonus item 💓 Technically will have more than 24 gifts! 😍

For those who are already part of our VIP Group, you are all really lucky!! ✨

If you haven’t joined our VIP Group copy and paste this on your local chat and join! There is a group fee of 150$L and it is not refundable!


Once again Thank you so much!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

sσρнια ɱööɳ 🌙

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