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Lalou – Rug & Pillow Pile @ Cosmo Event

Lalou - Rug & Pillow Pile @ Cosmo Event

Atblue Resident has added a photo to the pool:

Lalou - Rug & Pillow Pile @ Cosmo Event

For sale at Cosmopolitan event

A bohemian looking rug and pillow pile, filled with a big selection of handpicked animations.

The PG variant comes packed with 175 smooth animations. Choose between solo sits and lays, friends or beautiful sweet cuddles or massages.

There is also an Adult version available, with 400 animations.

1 to 2 avatars
11 LI

It comes in a trendy bohemian color combination, and the fringes can be color changed in 4 colors (white, light, mid and dark) also a no fringe button option.
As always, original design from Lalou.

Demo also at Lalou mainstore


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