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Ladybird. // Tessa Hand Tattoos @ Equal10 ♥

Ladybird. // Tessa Hand Tattoos @ Equal10 ♥

Moth Aurelia has added a photo to the pool:

Ladybird. // Tessa Hand Tattoos @ Equal10 ♥

Hi birdies ♥

Nothing crazy special this round, but I have been wanting to play with hand tattoos for a bit and finally did it. I’m trying to take September a bit easier because I have some bigger projects and collabs coming to fruition in October, so just one release this round, but I hope you like it none the less ♥

Note:These were made as high resolution as possible in photoshop before I brought them into SL but close up, pixelation is unavoidable. I haven’t edited the way this is displayed in the ad in the hopes that it will adequately represent how these look when worn. If you have any issues please reach out to me inworld. Unfortunately the resolution is a complaint for LL and not myself. If I could make them perfect for you, I would!

Equal10 opens August 10th at noon SLT ♥

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