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Ladybird. // Ryancita Set & Ryan Eyeshadow @ Harajuku!

Ladybird. // Ryancita Set & Ryan Eyeshadow @ Harajuku!

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Ladybird. // Ryancita Set & Ryan Eyeshadow @ Harajuku!

Hi hi ♥

I enjoyed my week or so of time off but now we’re back for the rest of our events this month, starting off with Harajuku!

Ladybird. // Ryancita
My sweet madre, Ryan, came out with her adorable hair this last week and for her ad asked me if I’d be interested in making her some face paint to help complete the look and tie together her whole aesthetic and of course i said YES. So I present to you the Ryancita set that I made for her. This set includes Glitter, face star stickers and various styles of facepaint to help create a fun, festival themed look for summer! This is made exclusively to fit Lelutka EvoX but might be updated in the future. If you are looking for a set to fit Lelutka Classic or Genus heads, I do have a few sets in my store that will fit those faces!

Ladybird. // Ryan Eyeshadow
To go along with this cute set I made an eyeshadow set that’s as bright and beautiful as that same mamacita! ♥ So many colors in both super saturated but also more muted tones to work with any look you’re makin! These are made to fit Lelutka EvoX and Evo Classic heads and should fit most skin tones! Please demo before purchasing to make sure you like the fit!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Harajuku opens May 20th

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