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~L/Fx~ Relaxing Hot Tub -> PBR!

~L/Fx~ Relaxing Hot Tub -> PBR!

~Lantian/Flox~ has added a photo to the pool:

~L/Fx~ Relaxing Hot Tub -> PBR!

This fantastic hot tub from ~Lantian/Flox~ is an exceptional example of the newest features of SL. Featuring 100% original mesh, animated textures, and PBR materials, you must see it to appreciate just how cool it looks.

* Exclusively available at the PLAZA event! 15% OFF! *
–> VISIT: The Grove Event/91/244/23

* Seats two regular-size avatars -> TINY version also avail!
* 7 top-quality animations for relaxing
* Slowly-shifting glow strip
* Effects click on/off (click star button)
* Just 3LI
* 100% original mesh
* Regular materials -and- PBR materials on same item
* SL’s only animated PBR water!

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