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++ kuromori ++ melon crusher thighs @ EUPHORIA

++ kuromori ++ melon crusher thighs @ EUPHORIA

Pomme Pancake / KUROMORI has added a photo to the pool:

++ kuromori ++ melon crusher thighs @ EUPHORIA

A complete leg replacement body modification for Ebody Reborn to give you strong, athletic but not overly muscular thighs and calves. They are fully BOM-compatible, so your BOM skin should work flawlessly with these legs. They also include scripts to sync materials from the body for a seamless look, as well as auto-alpha scripts to hide the relevant parts of your legs and pelvic region.

Responds well to the "Leg Muscles" shape slider.

The following body mods are supported:

✅ Reborn (base)
✅ Reborn Juicy Rolls

Demo available at the event.

Coming soon to EUPHORIA (event opens 12PM SLT Feb 7th)

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