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[Kres] True Crime Set

[Kres] True Crime Set

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[Kres] True Crime Set

Time to do the life insurance dance with our True Crime Set! ❤

It includes:
Rugs – Bento animated – 10Li
Heart Rug – Decor – 3Li
Plushie Knife – Bento animated holdable version with 4 animations (touch when wearing for menu)
Plushie Luminol – Bento animated holdable version with 1 animation
It also includes a decor version of the Plushie knife and Luminol which are 1Li each
2 huds to Mix/match textures and change the lights

The huds give you a massive amount of customization by allowing you to change multiple parts separately and includes 22 fabric options and 14 animated or 13 static lights to mix/match!

The animations are bento and the adult version has Aeros, LoveBridge physics cock, and V, as well as It’s Not Mine compatibility – including a cleaning menu after getting messy with It’s not Mine!

You can snuggle down to watch your favourite murder muse or crime queens when you grab yours at this round of Kinky Event opening today until 22nd Feb –

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