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[Kres] Pool Party

[Kres] Pool Party

[krescendo] has added a photo to the pool:

[Kres] Pool Party

What’s better than camping out in the garden watching the stars? Doing it in a paddling pool filled with blankets!

Pool Party is available to purchase as a PG or Adult version and it includes:
Pool Bed – Bento animated – 17Li
and a texture hud

The hud gives you a massive amount of customization by changing various parts to mix/match between 18 plain colours and 12 pattern themes. You can change the pool / blankets / strings and pillows so you’re able to customize it to your preferred style.

The animations are bento and the adult version has Aeros, LoveBridge physics cock and V, as well as It’s Not Mine compatibility – including a cleaning menu after getting messy with It’s not Mine!

To take advantage of LoveBridge using your Lovense toys with our animations, you need to have purchased and set up LoveBridge which is sold on Marketplace.

FameshedX opens on the 10th of August at 12pm –

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