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KARMAZZ Dark Kingdom Pack – 3 Shades – BOM // EVOX

KARMAZZ Dark Kingdom Pack - 3 Shades - BOM // EVOX

KARMAZZ STORE has added a photo to the pool:

KARMAZZ Dark Kingdom Pack - 3 Shades - BOM // EVOX

โ—† Available at Mainstore & Marketplace โ—†

๐Ÿ“Œ Landmark:


โ—ˆ Separated Tattoos included [Each Shades & Each Tattoos]
โ—ˆ 3 Shades [Reg – Fresh – Faded]
โ—ˆ 18 Layers included
โ—ˆ Bom Only
โ—ˆ Shown & made with Legacy
โ—ˆ Compatible with all body with bom system – Just some of this tattoos fits for others body, not all the tattoos.
โ—ˆ Result may depend of your Shape
โ—ˆ Body Hair & other items not included – Just Tattoos
โ—ˆ Extra item: Asymmetric Tattoos HUD included [for the sleeve tattoos only]
Note: This hud exclusive compatible for Legacy Body.
Asymmetrical tattoo means that you will be able to use the tattoo only one side of the arm [only left or only right], is your choice.
This option is only available with the SLEEVE version of the tattoos.
– Separated tattoos included only BOM LAYERS.
โ—ˆ No Refunds
โ—ˆ Contact inworld if you have any problems or concerns, I will help, do not hesitate to talk to me for some other reason, or if a product has problems. Send me a notecard @SeBzZz

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