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[KARMAZZ] Dante Tattoos – 3 Shades – EVOX/BOM

[KARMAZZ] Dante Tattoos - 3 Shades - EVOX/BOM

KARMAZZ STORE has added a photo to the pool:

[KARMAZZ] Dante Tattoos - 3 Shades - EVOX/BOM

โ—† Available at Mainstore & Marketplace โ—†

๐Ÿ“Œ Landmark:


โ—ˆ Please download the pdf file before purchase [HQ Picture – All items included]
โ—ˆ Separated Tattoos included [Each Shades & Each Tattoos]
โ—ˆ 3 Shades [Reg – Fresh – Faded]
โ—ˆ 36 Layers included
โ—ˆ Bom Only
โ—ˆ Shown & made with Legacy Body
โ—ˆ Compatible with all body with bom system
โ—ˆ Result may depend of your Shape
โ—ˆ Body Hair & other items not included – Just Tattoos
โ—ˆ Extra item: Asymmetric Tattoos HUD included [SLEEVE VERSION ONLY – TATTOO]
Note: This hud exclusive compatible for Legacy Body.
Asymmetrical tattoo means that you will be able to use the tattoo only one side of the arm [only left or only right], is your choice.
This option is only available with the SLEEVE TATTOO version.
โ—ˆ Separated tattoos included only BOM LAYERS.
โ—ˆ No Refunds
โ—ˆ Contact inworld if you have any problems or concerns, I will help, do not hesitate to talk to me for some other reason, or if a product has problems. Send me a notecard @SeBzZz

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