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Just Like in RL

Just Like in RL

DreamShape SecondLife has added a photo to the pool:

Just Like in RL

Feminism is about giving women choices! DreamShape is proud to introduce the innovative HUD-based cleavage solution that work across all mesh bodies in Second Life. This is the Premium Fatpack Edition which include 9 cleavage positions.

> Have a skin which does not come with a cleavage option?
> Using a conventional skin/tattoo cleavage without 3D effect?
> No push-up visual effect on fully covered clothes?

You NEED DreamShape myCleavage!

Available at DreamShape in-world showroom & SL marketplace.

Best of DreamShape myCleavage
> Not an alternative skin. Not a tattoo layer. Not a prim/mesh add-on.
> You don’t wear something, you squeeze like RL.
> Visual cleavage enhancement with properly rigged clothes.
> Work with any skin, of any tones.
> Tested on major fitted mesh bodies

New & Improvement in version 1.1:
You asked. We listened and delivered… MORE!

Auto-Save, Auto re-apply when region changed, Manual re-apply on-demand, Auto re-apply by Timer, Lock/Unlock position, Work in No Script Zone, Improved cleavage positions …

Known Issues
1. Not all clothes are suitable to wear with myCleavage activated.

2. Users with extreme breasts settings may experience abnormal behavior and/or reset problem via HUD.

For detail, check our SL marketplace description page.
DEMO available at DreamShape in-world showroom.

Photo Style Card & Info:
Body : Maitreya – Lara (preset tone; no cleavage)
Shape : DreamShape X195-S-C (for DrLifeGen3 Song)
Cleavage : DreamShape myCleavage
Clothes : [Rebel Hope] Gina Sweater Dress

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