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Junk Food – Lunchies Snacks AD

Junk Food - Lunchies Snacks AD

Late Billig. has added a photo to the pool:

Junk Food - Lunchies Snacks AD

New at the Mainstore, Lunchies Snack Packs! These interactive packs are designed to be eaten a step at a time! Different versions include: click to open/close package, interactive package to click and build snacks!

If you rez the click to build package you or a friend can click through and build your own mini pizzas or ham/cheese crackers! Once done just clean up! Sounds play and you can even steal someone else’s meal! Text in chat as you interact with your snack!

Mini Pizzas or Ham/Cheese Crackers (each sold seperately)

Don’t forget to view our Video demonstrating how to use our latest release, Lunchies! An interactive food set you can click, build, and interact. Bento held and decor versions included! Here:

Lunchies Video Demo

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