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Junk Food – Hillbilly Picnic Gacha Promo

Junk Food - Hillbilly Picnic Gacha Promo

Late Billig. has added a photo to the pool:

Junk Food - Hillbilly Picnic Gacha Promo

New to the Arcade, Hillbilly Picnic Gacha with 22 Commons and 3 Rares. This set has interactive food and furniture!
Outhouse – 12 Animations/6 Props, including a banjo!
Banjo- Wear and Rez, click wearable for 5 different tunes to strum!
Picnic Basket – Featuring picnic items from set to rez or bento hold.
COMMONS: (All Food is clickable for any avatar to wear)
Deviled Eggs
Bologna Sandwich Platter
Lunar Pies
Weenie Cans
Banjo Billybob’s Chips
Uncle Bubba’s Homemade Brew
Dryz Crackers & Squeeze Cheese
Red or Blue Placemats – Click the plate to rez a sandwich/chips/weenie, crackers and lunar pies.
Picnic Table – Light or Dark Version/Animated 4 Avatars/4 Props
Fly Swatter – 4 Colors to win, click to hit nearby avatars.
BBQ Sign – Featuring fancy text of, Booze, BBQ, Booty Shakin’
Beer Can Lights – It ain’t a Hillbilly party without beer can lights
Lawn Chairs – Wear & Rez, each color will have a both rez/wear version so you don’t have to play for both!

Coming June the 1st to the Arcade Gacha Event.

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